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Covers aren’t just for fancy or expensive cars (although those cars assuredly could use a cover). They’re for your everyday car, or the car you keep for certain seasons or purposes. Covers are great tools to help preserve the time you spend cleaning and maintaining your car, so that it lasts beyond that initial time investment. Covers prevent unnecessary environmental nuisances from coating your vehicle when it sits outside and can limit dust accumulation inside.

Your car, SUV, and/or truck should have a cover because a car, truck or SUV cover:

  1. Keeps out dust and debris
    Wind can blow dust, dirt, and debris against your gear, causing weathering and scuffing. Covers provide a layer of protection between the elements and your vehicle. Notably, it is important to make sure the car is clean and dry prior to covering, for best results.
  2. Protects your paint job and finish from UV rays
    Direct exposure to UV rays can cause fading and material deterioration, effecting your car’s paint job. Covers, especially those with UV treatments, can block some of the light that does the most damage, increasing the longevity of your product at its current exposure level.
    Note: DO NOT cover a car that has recently been painted. It takes time for the chemicals to fully settle into place. It should not be covered for at least 2 months following a paint job. If you used a lacquer-based paint, never use a cover, it will end badly.
    Note: If the clear coat on your vehicle is thin or failing, using a storage cover can reveal oxidation.  Oxidation can show up as clouding, spots and imprints of the cover.  This is because covers can trap dirt and slow evaporation allowing time for pollutants to deposit into the paint, which is why if you plan to cover your car, it is recommended to check your clear coat and make sure the car is clean prior to covering.  The spots may be buffed out but we advise consulting an automotive paint specialist first to confirm the gel coat condition so you vehicle.
  3. Provides a cost effective way to keep your vehicle in top shape
    Investing in a cover can reduce your time and cost spent on maintenance/repair, likely reducing the frequency at which you need to replace your vehicle. At the very least, it helps diminish the need for environmentally-induced cosmetic wear and tear.
  4. Reduces cleaning time
    By protecting your gear with a cover, you will not have to spend as much time cleaning your outdoor equipment at any given time of the year, because dust debris, leaves, and pollen are not crowding on the surface of your vehicle.
  5. Protects from “environmental nuisances”

Pollen on top of the car
DanBruell. Pollen on top of the Car. CC BY-ND 2.0. https://www.flickr.com/photos/mr-morshee/3494512738

Environmental nuisances include bird droppings, tree sap, leaves, and pollen. While known to be annoying as the ‘yellow blanket’ of the spring season, pollen is actually more than annoying; it’s damaging. The acidity of pollen can corrode your car. For tips on taking care of cars that see a lot of pollen, check out this page for NAPA’s advice on the issue.

  • Helps limit damage to older, classic cars
    For those people who own a classic car that was perhaps made with a less durable material, such as vinyl, a car cover can prolong the life of your vehicle, since certain materials are more susceptible to elemental damage.
  • Helps prevent light scratches and dings
    We’re not saying this will prevent your neighbor from backing into your car, but there is a layer between your car and a person carrying groceries with a buckled purse over their shoulder that could help buffer the impact.
  • Protects from water damage
    Covers help limit water accumulation directly on the product, especially when the cover has water resistant or waterproof qualities. This can help prevent rust and corrosion. Additionally, standing water and moisture can lead to mildewing* and a cover can help keep this away from the surface of the vehicle.

    1. *Mildew (and mold) are fungi  that occur due to the interaction between water and organic material. Covers are only able to help limit this and require some cleaning and ventilation, so that organic elements that have made their way onto your gear don’t have a chance to grow.
  • Maintains Yard Aesthetics
    Covers provide a tidy, and pleasing look to your outdoor space, for those who cover vehicles for environmental reasons.
  • Deters Theft
    Covers take time to take off (not much, but since they are large, it makes a scene more than a quick jab at a window or handle would).

  • Prevents pests
    Covers can make it more difficult for critters to find and nest in crevices and holes in equipment.

  • How to Measure your Car, Truck, or SUV for a Cover

    Cars are fairly large (and they’re the smaller of the four-wheeled automobiles. Please take car when measuring your vehicle for a cover, and consider having someone assist you, or be aware that you’re taking measurements.

    Note: our covers are not designed to entirely cover the wheels of your vehicle.

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