Photoshoot at Lake Oswego

Classic Accessories Photoshoot at Lake Oswego This past June, some of our Business Development team was sent down to Lake Oswego in Oregon to do a photoshoot. I asked Dorik how that shoot went and was even able to get my hands on some candid shots of the team working to get the right angles. Here’s what Double D had to say about their trip down south:

“The team consisted of myself (Dorik or Double D), Heather, Brad, Jake and Kristian our photographer.

To back up a little bit when we were first looking for home to rent, we were tasked to look for homes where we could do multiple patio collections. Boy did we find a great home!

The plan was to shoot Madrona, Montlake and Ravenna patio collections. Why not throw Montlake cushions and Umbrellas? Sure, why not!

Started to plan what furniture props we would need to bring, product we would need to order from the warehouse and how we would transport all this stuff to Oregon. Mutiple cars maybe or a big moving van?

Idea alert!: What if we were able to rent one of those Class B RVs. Yep, you guessed it, we would be trying to do a lifestyle RV photo as well:
PermaPRO Class B Cover

Trip down to Oregon was pretty easy, a cool 3 hours. House was tricky to find but we all arrived safely.

The following 3 days are what I’m truly grateful for.

Photoshoots are challenging due to sunrise, sunset, bright sun, shadows, clouds, electrical failure and hunger just to name a few.

Up at 4:45AM with the last camera shot around 9pm.

These are long days and the team never stopped making things happen. Everyone helped:

behind the scenes #ClassicAccessoriesbehind the scenes #ClassicAccessoriesbehind the scenes #ClassicAccessoriesbehind the scenes #ClassicAccessoriesbehind the scenes #ClassicAccessoriesbehind the scenes #ClassicAccessoriesbehind the scenes #ClassicAccessories

Building furniture, staging furniture, setting up a cover collection shot, steaming wrinkles from fabric, discussing where to shoot the next shot, filming new video ideas, making it rain and somehow put together food at the end of the day. (thank you Heather!)”

Check out the final photos from the shoot:Madrona Collection of Patio Furniture Covers
Montlake Cushions and Umbrellas
Montlake Frameless Furniture

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Photoshoot at Lake Oswego

Behind the Scenes with SkyShield

Last week our designers were busy fitting and photographing our NEW SkyShield RV Cover Collection at Poulsbo RV in Kent, WA:


We fit Class A, Class C, Travel Trailers and 5th Wheels on a beautiful day, South of Seattle and saw how well they fit these models of RVs.

Check out the videos of the shoot here:
video1 video2

A HUGE Thank You to our friends at Poulsbo RV. They let us come and find all sizes of RVs for our products to ensure we are creating the best fits possible.


Behind the Scenes with SkyShield

Behind the scenes, with Montlake

Our designers have been busy!
Up at 5 o’clock with the sun along the banks of the Columbia River in White Salmon, WA.

They found the perfect setting to bring our NEW stylish Montlake Fadesafe Patio Furniture Cover Collection to life. A line that brings protection and lasting beauty to any patio.

Check out a few shots our designer, Boe Baty, took earlier today of the sun filled gorge. Looks like a fun day at work!


Thanks Boe Baty, Dorik Downing and Earl Harper for the amazing shots. We are excited to see the final images!

And a special thanks to the neighbor’s pup Olly, who kept the team on their toes.

Behind the scenes, with Montlake