We always love it when our customers send in their reviews. This ones came to us a few days ago from Richard with his 5 star review of our PermaPRO Class C Cover. What’s even better is that no matter how many storms his Class C sees, he has peace of mind that our PermaPRO covers are backed by our Limited Lifetime Warranty.

I bought my First Classic Accessories Motorhome Cover, an RV Permapro Class C Cover, last Fall. The fit and finish was absolutely perfect.  Last week we had a REAL BAD STORM, 45-55 mph winds and rain that came sideways for over 7 hours.  The Cover WHIPPED around,at times it inflated like a balloon and also sounded like my Grandma beating the Ole Braided Rug with the Wire Rug Beater at times. I thought the Cover was a “GONER” for sure.  Well looking at it now, it looks like it is Brand New, NO RIPS, HOLES, STRETCHES or ??? I’m SOLD on this Cover, I’ll NEVER own another Manufacturer —— Customer for Life.

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