Taking a look at our retailer’s marketplaces is a great way for us to see trends, undertones and needs of our customers. Paul Demery, managing editor for B2B E-Commerce just released an article on our efforts with BuildDirect here.

BuildDirect is based in Vancouver, British Columbia, and is a leading online marketplace for home improvement products. They connect homeowners directly to the suppliers of home improvement products, which eliminates heavy retail markups and makes for a much simpler and trusted shopping experience. BuildDirect’s wish is to provide homeowners seeking to build or improve their homes with an online marketplace to access the products they wanted, at the prices they’d love, and deliver them on time and directly to their doorstep. And today, they do just that.


In our partnership with BuildDirect, our VP of Sales Erin Magee states, “Classic Accessoriess has compiled data on customer demand that has enabled us to better plan production and the product assortments distributed to hundreds of wholesalers and retailers.”


Our VP if business developement Shuyler Mowe also points out, “We get strong sales forecasting data, what’s working and what’s not working.”

It’s just another way we are actively listening to our customers’ needs and expectations throughout the year, from season to season.

If you are looking for any gift items this year for patio or a family or friends, check us out at BuildDirect where they aim to combine the comforts of indoors, with the freedom of outdoors. BuildDirect bridges that gap. Bring your living room comfortably and tastefully outside and into the 21st century with their veritable selection of stylish deck furniture and covers by Classic Accessories!