Today we’re discounting gifts for Coordinated Hostesses in your life.

Cushions, umbrellas and hammocks are new for us this year but they’ve been met with a great response. We’ve created an assortment under our Montlake FadeSafe collection that features a vibrant, coordinated color palette that enlivens any outdoor living space.

Spotlight: Umbrella

Umbrellas make great additions to patios because they have form and function, they add color to your yard while providing a select area with protection from the elements. Our umbrellas are great at blocking UV rays, but they seem to be doing well to help block out a dreary drizzle as well.

One employee, Shuyler, had this to say:

“The bamboo umbrella is great. I bought it to bring a spot of color to my backyard, but I was surprised when it really came through for us this Thanksgiving. I used the umbrella to shelter my smoker when it started to rain. It made the smoking experience much more enjoyable. It was one of my best turkeys, ever. “

This specific functionality has been endorsed by our Grill Master, Dorik, as well. He also uses his umbrella while preparing meals with a smoker.

Umbrellas are very popular at Classic and are considered great gifts by both male and female employees. They are ranked 1st as gifts we’d like to receive, and 2nd as something we’d like to give to someone else (see poll results here). Our bamboo pole umbrella is held in particular esteem by our employees, with the aluminum being a cheaper alternative.

Check out our full Holiday Gift Guide for more ideas.

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