Does my Pyramid Heater need to be covered to protect it from the elements?


No matter the materials used to construct your pyramid heater, battling the elements does have its limitations. Much like patio furniture, it is best to store or cover patio heaters in the winter or during extended periods without use. Even if your heater is made of stainless steel or aluminum, care is needed to protect your outdoor accessories. For best results, investing in a pyramid heater cover along with annual maintenance will prolong the life of your pyramid heater exponentially. Author Cheryl Khan shares her thoughts on how to go about finding the right heater for your outdoor space here.

Pyramid heaters fitted with chrome or steel plated burners will suffer rust over time. Remember stainless steel can still stain. Stain-less not stain-impossible. Due to oxidation, aluminum can corrode quickly in the elements.

Always place a protective cover on your pyramid heater when storing during winter or harsh weather conditions. This will keep dust and bugs away from the burner and assure the materials making up your pyramid heater do not rust or corrode. Be sure to check out our pyramid heater covers when deciding how you want to maintain and guarantee your patio pyramid heater a longer lifespan.

Source: Cheryl Khan’s Buying Guide to patio heaters,
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