a Classic Thanksgiving

When it comes to the biggest dinner of the year, we all find ourselves in “this camp, or that camp” with very little wiggle room. Thanksgiving has always been a wonderful time for family and friends filled with an abundance of delicious food and meaningful memories made together. We had a little fun with how things are done in our co-workers’ homes this holiday: What camp are you in?
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From all of us at Classic Accessories, we wish you and your family a very
Happy Thanksgiving!

Classic Accessories Employees
Graphics: Heather Thomas

a Classic Thanksgiving

Labor Day Love

We are celebrating Labor Day early this year, as in today – the Friday before!
Labor Day always brings a bitter-sweet close to a fun and busy Summer filled with memories and new favorite places. It can be the last trip with the boat for the year with lazy sunny afternoons that grow shorter every day.
Maybe it’s the last trail ride of the season where you take off as far as the sun lets you go.


This is the last long weekend of the Summer to get that last camp in. The roads will be crazy, but it’s the memories of the time getting there and spent around camp that will go down in your photobooks.

Or maybe it’s the last round of golf all the guys can get together for an earlier Tee Time than Twilight. LaborDayCA_4
Maybe instead of ending a season, you are looking forward to game days with the BBQ!

Whether you are ending your favorite season, or looking to forward to it, we wish you
a happy and safe Labor Day filled with new memories and favorite places.
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Labor Day Love

A cheers to tailgates

It starts on Thursdays now. Which wasn’t always been the case, but now we get to look forward to Thursday nights, Saturdays, Sundays and Monday nights. Its football season in America and nothing brings bigger fans out hours before kickoff than a good tailgate.

RV_Tailgating     steeplechase-bar03-mld108130_vert

We want to know, do you RV it or go old school with a frosty beverage from your truck’s tailgate? We’ve seen all kinds with all sorts of up-scaled versions of tailgate spreads from bloody-mary bars to chili cook-offs to rival restaurants.
(thanks in most part to Pinterest)

What about snacks. The hot-dogs are showing up with fancier sides each season and now we’re seeing pizza ovens make their way to parking lots near you. Showing up in simple team colors is apparently so 2014 – according to Martha Stewart, because she’s the first one we think of for tailgating too. Thankfully our friends at Gander Mountain have a checklist ready for this weekend’s games.

Tailgating-with-style steeplechase-chili01-mld108130_vert

How do you tailgate?

Martha Stewart.com via Jen Causey



A cheers to tailgates

Super Bowl 48 – We’re In!

It’s a match up that’s been a long time coming. Too long if you ask any local Seattle Seahawks fan. #1 Offense versus the #1 Defense in the NFL. Two weeks of media blitz that all comes down to a kickoff. After rounds of hashtags, likes, shares, tweets and retweets our social channel will take break from all things Seahawks. This however isn’t one of them!

Our city has been in some major news the past few months. Couldn’t you hear us? That buzz you’ve been hearing is our 12th man. We come from a city that doesn’t get much play in coverage. Well this year, we felt a change in the air. Seattle is a football town.  We have grown into our role as the 12th man and each year we seem to get “Bigger, Faster, Stronger … LOUDER.”

We have a team that our city rallies behind and it shows even when our guys are all the way across the map in NY. Our town paints itself blue and green every Friday and we continue it through the weekend for our Sundays which have become Seahawk Sundays around here. This Sunday is different – but don’t tell the team that. It’s away, it’s against the #1 offense …. it’s the SUPERBOWL. We’re a loud crowd here in Washington, and just because the guys aren’t in CenturyLink, doesn’t mean they can’t hear us.

No matter what team you’re cheering for this weekend, it will be a good game. We are so thankful to be able to extend our season to the biggest stage in the NFL. We can’t promise a win, but we can promise it will be loud, proud and above all else – fun!

From all the twelves – Thanks for giving us a team to cheer for and get behind  #GoHawks !!!!!

Want to know 12 facts about this year’s Hawks?


Super Bowl 48 – We’re In!