On the Water

The last weekend in April always brings a weekend full of family friendly fun and fishing! Trout fishing at its finest if you ask any of the kids at our local Lake Wilderness that night.

Lake Wilderness is an easy 30 minutes East from our office. The afternoon brought campers into the park to set up camp and to get their tackle ready for the trout derby that started at midnight.

Anglers get to launch out at midnight and fish until noon the next day. Local chambers and rotary clubs sponsor the annual event and give families a great night full of fishing, camping and fun including outdoor movies, games, camp fires, concessions, prizes and a fisherman’s breakfast the next morning.

This weekend, Seattle celebrates the Opening Day of Boating Season!

From its earliest days Seattle has celebrated important occasions with water festivities. The opening day on the Montlake Cut began in 1920 and has been celebrated the first Saturday in May and is steeped in tradition with kicking off the parade with the blast of a cannon and the raising of the Montlake Bridge. Seattle Yacht Club’s Opening Day has become the nation’s largest regional celebration of water, Spring and the opening of boating season. Participating yachts will be decorated to illustrate this year’s theme for Opening Day, “Boating Through the Decades”.

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Source: Seattle Yacht Club, Pixabay, Voice of Maple Valley

On the Water

Video/Photo shoot – TPC At Snoqualmie Ridge

TPC at Snoqaulmie Ridge


Last Friday we were given the privilege of shooting videos and photos of our NEW Fairway collection at the TPC at Snoqualmie Ridge. We lucked out with the weather! Snoqualmie Ridge is a beautiful, immaculate and stunning golf course. The staff is incredible, and beyond accommodating. If you live in the PNW or plan on visiting, this is a course that shouldn’t be missed. We hope to be back soon for a round or two. Until then – a huge thank you to the team at Snoqualmie Ridge!

Video/Photo shoot – TPC At Snoqualmie Ridge

Weekly Round Up – DIY a Fire Pit

Weekly Roundup: DIY Fire Pit

1. DIY Burning Bowl – EvansvilleLiving.com
Skill level: Beginner
This is a great addition for a smaller yard, patio or balcony. You’ll use a plastic bowl as the a mold, so you can pick the size and depth of your new fire pit. The shopping list is short, and you probably have a few items on hand already – like Pam cooking spray (so the concrete doesn’t stick), and a plastic tub for mixing concrete. Depending on the size you go with, this firepit is easy to move around and enjoy wherever you like in your outdoor space.

2. Build Your Own Ring of Fire  – ThisOldHouse.com
Skill level: Advanced
This is a detailed tutorial for a pretty cool built-in pit. More complicated than some DIYs – but they do a great job with visuals and detailed explanations. All of the steps are accompanied with photos and clear explanations. We think it’s worth it.

3. Fire Pit from a Washing Machine Drum – curbly.com
Skill level: Advanced + Thrifty
This fire pit looks modern and sleek – yet the main part is a drum gutted from an old washing machine. If you don’t happen to have an old automatic front-loading machine lying around you’ll need to scout out a junk yard, garage sale or thrift store to score the drum.

Let us know in the comments if you’ve made a fire pit before or plan to try one this year.

Weekly Round Up – DIY a Fire Pit

Super Bowl 48 – We’re In!

It’s a match up that’s been a long time coming. Too long if you ask any local Seattle Seahawks fan. #1 Offense versus the #1 Defense in the NFL. Two weeks of media blitz that all comes down to a kickoff. After rounds of hashtags, likes, shares, tweets and retweets our social channel will take break from all things Seahawks. This however isn’t one of them!

Our city has been in some major news the past few months. Couldn’t you hear us? That buzz you’ve been hearing is our 12th man. We come from a city that doesn’t get much play in coverage. Well this year, we felt a change in the air. Seattle is a football town.  We have grown into our role as the 12th man and each year we seem to get “Bigger, Faster, Stronger … LOUDER.”

We have a team that our city rallies behind and it shows even when our guys are all the way across the map in NY. Our town paints itself blue and green every Friday and we continue it through the weekend for our Sundays which have become Seahawk Sundays around here. This Sunday is different – but don’t tell the team that. It’s away, it’s against the #1 offense …. it’s the SUPERBOWL. We’re a loud crowd here in Washington, and just because the guys aren’t in CenturyLink, doesn’t mean they can’t hear us.

No matter what team you’re cheering for this weekend, it will be a good game. We are so thankful to be able to extend our season to the biggest stage in the NFL. We can’t promise a win, but we can promise it will be loud, proud and above all else – fun!

From all the twelves – Thanks for giving us a team to cheer for and get behind  #GoHawks !!!!!

Want to know 12 facts about this year’s Hawks?


Super Bowl 48 – We’re In!

Sneak Peek – Hickory Photo/Video Shoot

Behind the Scenes


Check out a sneak peek of the Hickory line extension. It’s not just BBQ, Grill and Smoker covers anymore! We’re pretty excited to be extending into patio furniture covers.

Our creative team traveled to Cle Elum, WA to take advantage of the beautiful weather, and great cabin. Stay tuned to find out more about this unique collection!

Sneak Peek – Hickory Photo/Video Shoot