1. BBQ/Grill
Planning on having wings, ribs or pulled pork? Make it special this year by preparing a homemade rub, sauce or marinade. Head over to About.com, for 10 different delicious recipes.

Want to take your feast up a notch? Check out BHG’s “Our Best Game Day Snack Recipes,” with recipes like Salami Chips and Grainy Mustard, foodies will rejoice.

Download this free set of 10 Superbowl bingo cards designed by Studio DIY, complete with players and team colors. Even if your guests aren’t huge fans they will have fun playing – play for whatever you like (skittles if you’re a Hawks fan!).

4. FTW
Real Simple has a number of clever ideas for your party. From fun food suggestions to DIY decor you’ll find plenty of inspiration.

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