Being a member of the Classic Accessories team means we take care of each other and our entire community. I sat down with Classic’s HR Manager to discuss our latest collaboration: Rainier Scholars.

So tell me, what inspired you to choose Rainier Scholars as an organization to support this year?

At Classic, we believe giving is part of our responsibility as good stewards of the community; giving of our time and financial resources. While we had already selected our Charity of the Year, we were moved to do something tangible in support of Black Lives Matter as well. An old friend of mine who owns a local Seattle business had posted online, encouraging others to donate to Rainier Scholars. Following further research, we came to realize why. They are a school that supports young, bright students who may not have a clear path or the resources to pursue college and beyond. Rainier Scholars offers them the tools and mentorship, so that they can achieve and become leaders in our community. Such a great cause, and we are fortunate to have the opportunity to be involved.

Aw, love that. So what exactly does Rainier Scholars do for the community?

They are a school, that offers tutoring and counseling as they grow as students and leaders in the local community. Many of them have never had anyone in their family attend college. This is a really big deal for them.    

That’s wonderful to hear, what a great organization. How did Classic help Rainier in 2020?

One of their programs involves donating care packages to their students heading off to college. 2020 was a rough year for Rainier Scholars, as one of their key fundraisers was cancelled due to COVID. A true testament to the work they do, they were able to raise as much during the year, even without the event.  Our team purchased items for their care packages, to include gift cards, toiletries, and fun snacks to get them through their studies. Our staff really showed up for this and donated an entire kitchen island’s worth of food, gift cards, necessities and fun items to cheer them on as they started their new chapter as a college student. 

Wow, that’s impressive! Are there plans to continue to work with Rainier in 2021?

Oh, yes. While we may donate to other organizations this year as well, we have decided to continue to offer our support to their organization. Personal and professional growth are important to us at Classic, and because their values align so well with ours, we feel compelled to continue our relationship with them.

Fantastic. How can people help Rainier Scholars? Do they have a website or a place to donate?

They also have opportunities for volunteers to assist with resume writing and career counseling.  I believe some of our employees have offered to do that as well.  They have many ways one can donate. Their website outlines this for anyone interested. 

Great, that’s really helpful! Thanks for taking the time to chat with us.

Thank you!