Some of us are on the fence looking at the horizon of retirement. Well, let’s give you a push!

Get off the fence already!

Metaphorically speaking of course. We say get off the fence and head towards that horizon
– and do it in an RV.
Ah, the open road with all it’s promises, mysteries and adventures. Or a simple change of scenery maybe all you need. After reading a few blogs, re-pinning pins and living vicariously through facebook photo-albums; if you’re at that point in life, we say Carpe Diem and all that jazz. Need some more pushing? Here are some more reasons we think retiring to RVs could be your ticket.

Top 10 Reasons to Retire to an RV
by, Jaimie Hall Bruzenak

1.    Live your retirement dreams. Are there places you’ve wanted to visit but never took the time or perhaps didn’t have the money to do so? Now you can travel at your leisure and visit all those places.

2.    Take your house with you: Instead of having to pack and unpack and hassle with airports or schlepping luggage in and out of motels, everything is there.

3.    Zero yard work and cleaning house is a breeze: With only a couple of hundred square feet to clean, cleaning house takes just a few minutes. There is no lawn to mow or yard to maintain.

4.    Stay active: Most experts agree that staying active prolongs and improves quality of life. Living in an RV provides many ways to stay active physically and mentally. When traveling, you have to stay engaged with life!

5.   Live less expensively: An RV is much less expensive to maintain than a house. Nightly campground fees are normally less than property tax and maintenance expenses on a stick house.

6.   Meet new people and make new friends: RVers are very friendly people. Opportunities are constant to meet new people. Get involved with an RV club or at an RV resort and find a whole new community.

7.    One house, many views: When you get tired of one view, move on to the next. RVing is the ideal way to snowbird. Go where it is cool in the summer and where it is warm in the winter. Change your ocean view to a mountain view in a matter of a few hours.

8.    No property taxes: Enjoy home ownership (your RV) without property taxes. Rent an RV space for as long as you want, then move.

9.    Have many new experiences: You can actively have so many new experiences and be part of them rather than experience them vicariously on TV.

10.   Visit friends and relatives: Visiting friends and relatives in an RV makes visiting so much more fun. Even if you are parked in their driveway, you have your own space. Or,stay at a nearby RV park so you are not instant babysitters!

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