Not the actual place this tragedy happened.

After looking around online, geese getting hit with golf balls is apparently not that rare.  This short story, however, I think is pretty unique in how it went down.  I was playing with a friend and a guy we didn’t know was added to our group at the 1st tee.  Nice guy.  So, we’re playing, and we’re moving pretty quickly and we bump up against a guy giving a woman a lesson.  They are moving really slowly and they offer to let us play through.  Great.  So, my friend and I hit and everything’s fine.  The guy comes up and, maybe he had those play-through nerves with an audience, or was rushing, but whatever it was, he hits this skull/hook thing that takes off right into this group of geese about 50 yards in front of the tee box, in this swampy depression area.  His ball makes very solid contact in the middle of a goose neck and completely shatters it.  Now, it had been raining, so this depression has about 3-4 inches of water in it, like a giant puddle.  The goose’s neck is under the water while it’s flapping around, but obviously not having a ton of success, because, well, it’s neck is broken.  The woman is watching this in horror, and it’s a bit embarrassing, so we are trying to skedaddle to the next hole, but my friend is running towards this goose, to maybe, I don’t know, save it?  I tell him he’s an idiot and ask him if he’s going to give it CPR or something and GET IN THE CART and he finally does and we get the hell out of there.  The goose drowns in 3 inches of water and we are semi-famous with the cart girl for an afternoon.  The end.