precipitation in the western US
Weird how it’s cold up to the left

Up here in the lush, verdant and cold Northwest, we have natural air conditioning.  It’s called rain.  And not being hot.  For the rest of the country, however, this is a time for air conditioners running full blast.  While this map shows precipitation levels in a sad effort to get sympathy as a Seattleite, you can see that the rest of the Western US is really dry and presumably hot, it being July and all.

With AC units humming, now is not the time to have them covered up, but I invite you to think ahead to the fall, when you retire that freon-powered pleasure blaster and think about kickoff times rather than tee times.  Our Veranda line has some fantastic options to protect your AC unit from the elements and collecting debris.  A handsome two-tone with splash guard, drawstring and convenient handles, this cover has it all.

Round and Square Veranda AC Covers
For the offseason

Precipitation image courtesy of Cliff Mass’ blog.