Classic Accessories has really nailed it with their Veranda Collection of patio furniture covers. With over 55 SKU’s, we almost certainly have a cover for any outdoor furniture piece you might have. From the newest offset umbrella cover to the venerable table and chair covers, these covers have proven that they offer a compelling blend of features and durability at an excellent value.

Check out the video and you’ll see all the different sizes available along with the impressive features like a drawstring hem, buckled clips, covered air vents, handles and more. The thoughtfulness that goes into designing these covers is extensive. We listen to feedback from our customers and our retailers, expanding the sizes available and considering new features to add onto each iteration.

Patio furniture covers are about durability, looks and convenience.

To ensure a durable cover, we use high-grade polyester with a polyurethane backing that protects the cover, and what it’s protecting, from rain and uv damage. Our seams are all double-stitched with more stitching per inch than our competitors. If you ever find yourself in posession of two covers, compare our stitching to theirs. You will see a difference.

A stylish, good-looking cover is a frequently-used cover. We know that a cover should make your deck look better, not be an eyesore. We focus on handsome two-tone styling with neutral colors that go well with any deck color or material. We continually upgrade and tweak our dying process to ensure that fading is minimal, and, when it does inevitably occur, it happens uniformly to avoid unsightly blotching. The darker splashguard isn’t just for looks; it minimizes the appearance of wet spots and stains where the cover is closest to the ground and most likely to get dirt and moisture on it.

With so much going on in all of our lives, convenience is not an indulgence. It is a necessity. It is literally time itself. No one wants to use a cover that takes any more than the minimum amount of time to put on or take off. After all, covering your patio furniture is supposed to save you from having to drag your furniture out from under cover every time you want to use it. Which is why we use drawstrings rather than simply an elasticized hem, so you can keep it loose when you put it on and tighten it. It’s why we use buckled straps rather than loops, so you don’t have to lift up your furniture or grill and guide it through, you simply click it closed and you’re done. It’s also why our handles are large and padded, for an easy grip when removing the cover.

Check out our collection. We think you’ll like what you see.