spa_category_bannerWhen the thermometer drops to a certain point, we always have our products in mind for our customers. Especially in the middle of the Winter season when you never know what is going outside your door. This season we are thrilled to add Hot Tubs to our selection of covers!

When’s your favorite to hop in? Is it when it’s below 40 degrees, during a rain storm, any and every time it snows? It seems that people are most excited about relaxing in their hot tubs when Winter is bringing its best. We know that between those most relaxing times is when our covers are needed most! Hot Springs Spas has some really simple tips to keep your hot tube looking and running its best. Check them out here.


We think after all clean and care is done, top them off with Classic Accessories Veranda Hot Tub Cover to help protect those pricey covers.

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