FLASH SALE – Employee Recommedations

The exciting conclusion of our Gift Guide spotlights and corresponding discounts–Employee Recommended Gifts–is a selection of items we’d recommend this holiday season, for the person you’re not quite sure about, but know they’d like a Classic Accessories gift under the tree. These are the tried and true products that didn’t quite make it into other sections, or we felt were general enough to be both a nice way to round out a Classic collection or as a great Classic starter gift.

Spotlight: Ravenna Grill Cover

The top spot on this section of the gift guide went to the Medium Ravenna Grill Cover. Amanda has this to say about her Ravenna Grill Cover:

“We’ve had our Ravenna Grill Cover for three years now. It’s been through every season Washington has to offer with record highs, lows and rainfall! My husband is a year-round griller and we make sure to keep our Weber ready at a moment’s notice with our cover. Super easy to put on, and the neutral grey looks great in our backyard setting. Great gift to give any time of year, but especially great for the Holidays. “

Photo Credit: Amanda Perry

During out employee survey, Ravenna was called out specifically in reference to the brand of grill cover that people were hoping to purchase by 1/2 of those who wanted to give patio covers this year.


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Happy Holidays!

FLASH SALE – Employee Recommedations

FLASH SALE – Cushions, Umbrellas, Hammocks

Today we’re discounting gifts for Coordinated Hostesses in your life.

Cushions, umbrellas and hammocks are new for us this year but they’ve been met with a great response. We’ve created an assortment under our Montlake FadeSafe collection that features a vibrant, coordinated color palette that enlivens any outdoor living space.

Spotlight: Umbrella

Umbrellas make great additions to patios because they have form and function, they add color to your yard while providing a select area with protection from the elements. Our umbrellas are great at blocking UV rays, but they seem to be doing well to help block out a dreary drizzle as well.

One employee, Shuyler, had this to say:

“The bamboo umbrella is great. I bought it to bring a spot of color to my backyard, but I was surprised when it really came through for us this Thanksgiving. I used the umbrella to shelter my smoker when it started to rain. It made the smoking experience much more enjoyable. It was one of my best turkeys, ever. “

This specific functionality has been endorsed by our Grill Master, Dorik, as well. He also uses his umbrella while preparing meals with a smoker.

Umbrellas are very popular at Classic and are considered great gifts by both male and female employees. They are ranked 1st as gifts we’d like to receive, and 2nd as something we’d like to give to someone else (see poll results here). Our bamboo pole umbrella is held in particular esteem by our employees, with the aluminum being a cheaper alternative.

Check out our full Holiday Gift Guide for more ideas.

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FLASH SALE – Cushions, Umbrellas, Hammocks

FLASH SALE – Gifts for the Grill and Lawn Master

Day 3 features Gifts for the Lawn or Grill Master in your life.

Show them you notice the hours they’ve put into the lawn.  Let them know you’ve seen the love they’ve given their tools in the garage. Show them your appreciation for that last grand BBQ. Give your Lawn or Grill Master a cover so they can keep their favorite tools and grills in top shape for the long haul.

Spotlight: Grill Cover

Grill covers raise the convenience factor in grilling, helping a favorite grill be ready to use even at times when the weather is less than agreeable. Dorik, our resident Grill Master, appreciates this aspect of grill covers stating:

“I like to cook outdoors year round, even in bad weather. The cover makes it easy. I usually keep one buckle attachment on for the stormy days and I can unclip it and [know] the grill is basically ready to fire up. It makes it easy to start cooking at any time.”

Grill Covers were ranked 4th by our employees as gifts they’d like to receive, and 1st as something they’d like to give to someone else (see poll results here). Most who mentioned the grill cover as a gift were wanting to give it to someone who had recently invested in a new grill (and were loving it). It’s hard to top a grill as a gift, but you can complement it with a cover.

A special discount on the the featured portion of our Holiday Gift Guide.

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Check back Thursday for the next featured section and discount.

FLASH SALE – Gifts for the Grill and Lawn Master

FLASH SALE – RV, Boat, Fish and UTV

Day 2 of our week-long event.

Each day 12/4-12/8 we’ll be offering a special discount on the the featured portion of our Holiday Gift Guide.

Today, we’re looking at Gifts for the Outdoorsman. These are gifts for that special person in your life that is always heading out on expeditions–the RVers, boaters, fishermen and powersport adventurers. The man or woman who enjoys being in the great outdoors with his or her gear. Classic has equipment, covers, and accessories that will make their lifelong experience with their gear in the outdoors more enjoyable.

Spotlight: Pontoon Boats

Pontoon boats are a great way to help get a friend out on the water and get to the fish they’re seeking. Matt, an employee here, enjoys Classic Accessories pontoon boats because, “they’re fun to be on the water with,” noting that the pontoon boats provide him with a great deal of maneuverability. “They’re easy to use and the flexibility is endless.”

Notably, pontoon boats were ranked 3rd by our employees as gifts they’d like to receive, and 6th as something they’d like to give to someone else (see poll results here). The Colorado XT and Colorado XTS were mentioned by name during the poll as being the most desirable pontoon boats.


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Check back tomorrow for the next featured section of the gift guide and discount.

FLASH SALE – RV, Boat, Fish and UTV


We’re celebrating the season of giving with a week-long event. Each day 12/4-12/8 we’ll be featuring a different portion of our Holiday Gift Guide and offering a special discount on related items.

Today only – save 40% on select patio items using discount code: 17PatioGG

We’re taking a look at Gifts for the Practical Patio Owner. These are gifts for the person in your life that takes time and pride in their patios and patio furniture. Help them make their investment last with patio furniture covers.

Check back each day this week for the daily discount and have a happy Monday!


Classic’s 2017 Holiday Gift Guide

We know how hectic holiday shopping can be and how difficult some people can be to shop for, so we’ve created a gift guide to bring you some inspiration this season. Browse for others or for yourself!

Check out the gift guide here: https://classicaccessories.com/holiday-gift-guide-2017/

We’ve also conducted an employee gift survey featured below to give you an idea of the Classic Accessories gifts we’d like to see under the tree-for ourselves or others. Umbrellas were a favorite amongst both givers and receivers so be sure to check them out.

Happy Holiday Season!


Classic’s 2017 Holiday Gift Guide

a Classic Thanksgiving

When it comes to the biggest dinner of the year, we all find ourselves in “this camp, or that camp” with very little wiggle room. Thanksgiving has always been a wonderful time for family and friends filled with an abundance of delicious food and meaningful memories made together. We had a little fun with how things are done in our co-workers’ homes this holiday: What camp are you in?
Classic Accessories Inforgraphic - Thanksgiving
From all of us at Classic Accessories, we wish you and your family a very
Happy Thanksgiving!

Classic Accessories Employees
Graphics: Heather Thomas

a Classic Thanksgiving

Turkey Tips

Turkey Tips with Dorik Downing

We have asked our resident Kamado Joe griller, Dorik, for his Turkey Tips this season and he quickly gave us the rundown on how he preps his poultry each Thanksgiving.

1. Brine your turkey! There really isn’t an if/and/or statement when you ask him about the way a turkey should be cooked. It all starts with the brine. Dorik recommends 4 cups kosher salt dissolved in 2 gallons of water. Bring it down to “refrigerator cool” before submerging your turkey. The Spruce.com recommends brining your bird for an hour per pound. So a 12 pound turkey would need 12 hour of brine time. Dorik brines his overnight in the refrigerator and says even if you don’t have that much time, 4-6 hours will make a difference in helping your turkey retain the moisture and juices during cooking.

IMPORTANT: Always use a safe plastic to brine in. We recommend this brining bag kit from Amazon. When in question, always look for the food safe symbol on any plastic container you are looking to use. See below for reference:

Bringing Safely

2. After your hours of brining are up, rinse both the cavity and skin under cool running water for a few minutes to ensure all traces of salt are gone. Pat dry inside and out with paper towels.Rinsing and Drying

3. Place turkey on meat rack set over rimmed sheet pan in refrigerator overnight, uncovered
and air dry for at least 8 hours or overnight. (this helps the skin become crispy)

4. Before heading over to his grill, Dorik injects the bird meat all over with a mixture of 4 sticks melted butter and 1 beer. Talk about a butter beer from the Wizarding World! He recommends our local Red Hook’s ESB for it’s caramel malt sweetness and subtle spice and fruit hop flavors. He rubs outside with salt, pepper, dried thyme, rosemary, sage and garlic powder.

Dorik's Butter Beer

Need an injector? Check out Amazon’s Bayou Classic 5011.

5. After finishing the outside of  the turkey, Dorik then quarters an onion, fresh garlic and thyme and loosely places into the turkeys cavity. Packing the turkey too tightly with stuffing will prevent turkey from cooking evenly.

6. Hands down, Dorik’s cooking method of choice is his Kamado Joe Grill loaded with lump charcoal and a few oak chunks from bourbon barrels (obtained from Makers Mark in KY. Where he is a Maker’s Mark ambassador!)

Dorik's Kamado Joe Grill
His next steps at the grill are as follows:

I will use a heat deflector plate, grill grate, drip pan and wait for temp to get up to 325°. Once up to temp, I just place the Turkey in the middle of grill, place “in-oven” thermometer in thickest part of leg, close the lid and crack a cold one. (I will not open lid until turkey is up to temp) It is so great to cook the Turkey on the grill outside because it frees up the kitchen oven for other favorite items. Cooking time takes about 2.5-3 hours. Remove and let rest. Carve and Serve.

Dorik also recommends leftovers (my personal favorite!) and to always save the turkey carcass for making turkey broth. Bring to boil in large pot, reduce heat to simmer for about an hour, strain and freeze for next year. I like to use the turkey broth from the previous year for my giblet gravy. Its delicious! And for Cyber Monday … turkey sandwiches for lunch!

Cooking turkeys brings on great food debates, but that’s for another time, and another post.

Turkey Tips

Firewood: Split, Stack, Cover

Freshly split or stacked for months, there are several reasons why proper maintenance is paramount for firewood. If this is your first time stacking or you just want a refresher course, there are a few things to keep in mind.

  1. Choosing a location
  2. Stacking your firewood
  3. Drying and seasoning your firewood
  4. Keeping pests away
  5. Cover your firewood

Choosing a location is essential to ensure your firewood isn’t susceptible to moisture. If moisture sets in, rot can become a real problem while also attracting termites and other destructive insects. It is not only recommended to elevate your firewood off the ground but storing away from your home can be important as well. Just make sure the area you choose gets ample sunlight to dry and season your firewood.

Stacked Firewood

Stacking your firewood can be quite the science when wanting to keep everything dry and ready to burn. A level surface can be more important than you think due to pieces shifting as they dry. So be careful with how high you stack your firewood. At this point, log racks can really come in handy to help keep everything organized while ensuring you don’t stack too high. Log racks are much easier to cover as well; but we’ll get to that later.

Due to bark really holding onto moisture, residents living in rainy states or are expecting inclement weather need to consider the angle when stacking. It is recommended facing the bark side toward the ground in rainy conditions but upward if snow accumulates.

Keeping these few techniques in mind leaves air circulation. Rather than just throwing your wood into a pile, stacking them allows air to whistle through helping them dry quicker. Also keep your firewood away from any walls for air to circulate all the way around.

Axe Firewood

Drying and seasoning your firewood can take up to six months. Starting late in the winter and/or early spring are considered the perfect time to start cutting; giving your firewood ample sunlight in the months to come. The key to having seasoned, ready to light, firewood is maximum drying time.
Fire is ready

But how are you supposed to know when your firewood is ready? Before striking that match, your firewood will notify you if it is ready or not. If they change to a yellow or dark brown color you’re good to go. Also look at the ends for small cracks. If you’re buying firewood at the store, it has already gone through a drying and seasoning process.

Keeping pests away can be a frustrating, challenging endeavor. As mentioned earlier, termites can be a real threat and love to call your stacked firewood home. Attracted to older, dryer wood, make sure to burn the oldest in the bunch first.


Covering your firewood is an extremely important step to ensure you have clean, dry firewood to burn. For any recently collected pieces, go without a cover as it needs to be exposed to open air to dry. With that said, after you’ve chosen a location, properly stacked your firewood (in a safe space or a log rack), allowed for maximum drying time and pests are under control – it’s time for a cover.

Available in multiple colors and patio cover collections, Classic Accessories provides Log Rack Covers and Firewood Accessories so you can enjoy a season-long supply of firewood without concern. Don’t let rain, snow and weather elements determine your enjoyment when preparing a cozy fire for two or a bonfire for many. Save 30% NOW with discount code: FallFirePit at checkout!


WikiHow  |  Cabin Living Magazine  |  Wood Splitter Digest  |  Rich Soil  |  Pixabay




Firewood: Split, Stack, Cover

Cozy Up

What is better than cozying up to a Fall fire pit with a slight chill in the air on a clear night?
Classic Accessories Fire Pit Covers
When weather is a hit or miss, (like today we are enjoying fluffy white snowfall south of Seattle and had a warm and DRY Halloween – what?!) we suggest soaking up any clear afternoon you can get next to a Fall fire pit.

Have family and friends over and take football halftime outside. Grab your favorite hot beverage, strike a match and make some memories around the fire.
Hot Beverage
There are so many warm throws you can buy now (’tis the season) to toss in a basket and bring outside for all your guests to use on their laps.

After an afternoon laughing along with the crackling fire, we hope you grab a Classic Accessories Fire Pit Cover to protect whatever Mother Nature is serving up next time.

We are offering 30% off all Fire Pit Covers and Firewood Accessories now through the end of November with discount code: FallFirePit at checkout.

Here’s to the weekend!

Cozy Up